Information for Summer Camps for Summer 2024!

Please use the button below to print and mail or bring your registration to the Ice House. Tuition assistance is available; please call us to inquire at 304-258-2300


Youth Theater Camp (2 weeks) June 3 – June 16
M-F from 9 AM – 4 PM for ages 8-14
M-F from 9 AM-noon for ages 5-7
Performances are Saturday, June 15th @ 7 PM and Sunday, June 16th @ 2 PM
The two camps are the same; the younger campers go home at lunch

Cost: $330 full day, $165 half day
Join Directors Margi Griffiths and Brice Williams in producing Hi, Ho, Robinhood. Every camper will learn acting, singing, and dancing and have an onstage part in the final production.

Hand Sewing Camp, June 17 – 21
M-F from 9 AM – 3 PM
for ages 8 – 13

Campers will learn how to hand sew to create little animals, cute little desserts, trees, flowers, all out of fabric, and even Instructor Hiroko’s famous

Cost: $165
Taught by Hiroko Kumagai Rubin

Japanese Cultural Camp, June 24 – 28
M-F from 9 AM – 3 PM
for ages 10 – 16

Campers will learn about Japan, including culture, language lessons, singing Japanese songs, making Japanese crafts and making food (not cooking), learning about anime, and more!

Cost: $165
Taught by Hiroko Kumagai Rubin

Can Do Kandinsky Camp, July 8 – 12
M-F from 9 AM – 3 PM
for ages 9-14

This summer camp will take a deep look at the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and how his paintings were influenced by music. Kandinsky had synesthesia, which meant that when he heard sounds, he saw color, and when he saw color, he heard music. We will learn how he thought about color and form (including what he thought some colors sounded like) and see how this pushed him towards abstraction expressionism – the freedom of expression of how one Feels – not on making realistic art. Students will create several art pieces in various media inspired by Kandinsky’s work.

Cost: $165
Taught by LeeAnn Brannon

Animation Camp (Reduced to One Week) July 15 – 19
M-F from 9 AM – 3 PM
for ages 11-17

Put your imagination into motion! Whether it’s a motion picture or a meme, animation makes the impossible real. Over ten days, students will learn history, process, and technique. With storyboards, voiceovers, and music, teens will execute their own short animations frame-by-frame using clay, hand-drawn artwork, and photography.

Cost: $165
Taught By Ian Corey